5 Things You MUST Try to Supercharge Your Social Media Content

When it comes to social media, content is everything.  Real talk…crappy content just won’t cut it.  Gone are the days where you can slap any old thing up on a social media wall and see instant results.  Instead, your content is competing with millions of other pieces of content and if it’s not content that stands out, you and your brand will be lost in the shuffle!  That’s where I come along my friend.  I am going to teach you exactly what makes good content.  Today, I am sharing 5 things you MUST try to supercharge your social media content.  


My goal with this post is to move away from the advice you always hear.  You know what I am talking about…niche down and know your avatar.  Instead, we are going to get into the meat of content that performs.


First, before we dive into the meat of social media content, we need to have a frank talk about the part that social media plays in your business.  Social media is just one part of your overall marketing plan…not your entire marketing plan.  

When I think of an overall marketing plan, I like to picture a BIG wagon wheel.  In the center of the wagon wheel is your brand and the spokes coming out of the center of the wheel are your marketing and advertising efforts.  If your wheel spokes aren’t balanced, your wheel is not going to move quickly or efficiently.  In fact, you will probably get a flat and not move anywhere.  


So, do yourself and your business a favor.  Evenly distribute your marketing and advertising efforts through multiple areas like:

  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Networking
  • Blogging
  • Podcasting
  • Local Publications
  • Direct Mail Pieces
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Sponsorships
  • Tradeshows


You get the idea – there are many spokes to your marketing wheel and each one supports the other.  For example, if you were at a virtual networking event you could direct the people you meet to your social media channels.  Or if you are invited on a podcast or a part of a webinar you could send the attendees links to your social media channels or invite them to download your latest lead magnet – which, by the way, gets them on your email list, allowing you to market to them further through email marketing techniques.  When you start to look at how you can market your business, you begin to create something that looks like a web of marketing where no one thing acts as a silver bullet.  Instead, it turns out to be many things working in concert creating a top hit!

While social media cannot be the silver bullet for your business, it can be a huge part of it.  It can get you a ton of exposure and help to build connections.  When used correctly it can help to build know, like and trust – the three factors you need to grow your business and gain new customers and clients.


SO…what can you do to make sure your content gets you the exposure it deserves?  Let’s dive into my top five!


Be the face of your business or select someone who is

    • People connect more with another person versus a logo
    • Select someone to be the face and the voice of your business that your target market can relate to
      • PS – this can also be a pet or a mascot if you don’t want to select a single person
      • Team input is amazing – let people get to know who your team is and what their personality is
        • Your business’ culture with will come out through your team’s interactions online


    • Video keeps getting more and more important to marketing.
    • People love to watch video.  For most, it’s easier to learn through a video pulse there is a little bit of an entertainment factor attached to it too.  Now more than ever, people love to be entertained by video online – especially since so many people are staying a little closer to home than they used to be.
    • If you aren’t making video a top priority in your business, it’s time to re-arrange your schedule to make the time for it.
    • Video is a fantastic way for:
      • Your audience to get to know you
      • Build relationships
      • Your audience to see your brand in action – think…
        • Tutorials
        • Un-boxings
        • How-tos
        • Customer reactions
      • Build trust

It’s more about networking than selling.  

    • Approach your content from a networking perspective
    • How would you behave in a networking meeting?  Would you walk up to someone and shake their hand (if we could do that) and say “BUY MY WIDGET!”  
    • Of course not.  You would take your time to get to know someone and build a relationship with them.
    • It’s the same process on social media.
    • People get turned off very quickly when they are spammed and instantly sold to.
    • Accounts who approach their audience in a way that makes relationship building and building a community around their brand a priority tend to do better.


Let people get to know you!  Don’t be shy about injecting some personal fun into your account.  Easy places to start are:

    • Pets and kids win EVERY TIME!
    • Weekend adventures
    • Lifestyle tips and insights – go ahead and share a favorite recipe, cleaning tip, time management strategy or organization hack.  You will be amazed at how people respond.  Two of my top performing stories were how to cut an avocado and how to cut a lime.
    • Behind the scenes with you goes a long way with your audience.  It also helps to build trust which is so important in the social media space.

Lead with VALUE

    • If you have been around here for long, you know that the V word is going to fly at least once during a podcast, social media post or blog post
    • I am so passionate about value that I can’t help myself – it’s actually how I built my business.  I looked for other businesses and mentors to help me through each stage and I swore I would do the same for my audience.
    • For me, value is defined as a piece of content that is FREE which is something that can be used immediately and delivers quick wins and results


Those are my top 5 ways to supercharge your social media content.  As a quick recap, they are:

  1. Select someone to be the face of your brand that your audience can relate to
  2. Video
  3. Networking instead of selling
  4. Let people get to know you
  5. Lead with value


Which one will you try first with your account?  

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