5 Things That Can Help You Become More Visible On Instagram

It’s no secret that many businesses have left Facebook for Instagram because of lack of visibility and engagement.  Right now, it seems like Instagram is the place to be to benefit from organic reach. But, are YOU doing enough to get it?  In this post, I am going to share with you 5 things that can help you become more visible on Instagram…starting today!

Let’s Dive In!

It is no longer enough to “post consistently” on Instagram.  You need to be offering quality information and you need to post more diversified content in order to stand out and be noticed.  But how do you do that?  

There are 5 areas on Instagram that you can maximize:

Mix It Up:  

Take a moment to look at your Instagram feed.  Are you making use of all the different types of posting options available to you?  A diversified feed will have a combination of:

  • Static Image Posts
  • Text Posts
  • Video Posts (not including IGTV – 30 seconds or less of video activity)
  • Carousel Posts – the type of posts that allow you to swipe left to see up to 10 slides

When you post in your feed there is 1 thing you must concentrate on in order to make Instagram work for you.  You must come from a place where you DAZZLE your audience. What do I mean by that? I mean you need to deliver baby!  Your content must be not good but AWESOME! At the end of the post, your audience should feel like they just hit the motherload and they can’t wait to come back to your feed for more.  Think about your favorite Instagram account that follow. What do you stay connected to that account? Is it because:

  • They just seem to get you?  They seem to be in your brain and understand the exact content you need at the right time?
  • You are constantly learning from them and you are getting A-HA moments left and right?
  • They are just plain fun!  You look forward to their stories or whatever their thought for the day might be.
  • They make you smile or better yet, laugh out loud.
  • They are SO creative that they help you come up with ideas just by following them?

Yup, you guessed it, they dazzle you on a regular basis.  How can you do that for your audience?

Instagram Stories

Stories are getting bigger and bigger by the minute.  I love them! For me, stories allow me to personally connect with the accounts I follow.  I can tap into their daily life, interact with them, tap on the engagement stickers that pop up – by the end of a great stories sequence, I feel like I had the chance to spend some time with the people I follow.


Are you doing the same for your followers?  Are they getting to know you and do they have a connection with you?  If not, you may need to spend a little more time on stories and focus on:

  • Sharing more of your face – get over fearing the camera.  Trust me, your audience wants more of you!
  • Use engagement stickers regularly so that your audience feels connected.  Engagement stickers include:
    • Polls
    • Sliders
    • Questions
    • Quizzes
    • Chat


This feature of Instagram is only going to GROW!  The push is on and we know this because the algorithm is telling us so.  Exactly what is IGTV? It’s basically your own TV channel located within the Instagram app.  It allows you to take pre-recorded video and upload it to Instagram. People can tune into your IGTV and watch all the various shows you have uploaded.  Shows can be either episodic (think TV series that ends with something intriguing compelling you to tune in for the next episode) or they don’t have to follow a storyline at all.  Take a look at your explore page. IGTV shows are now discoverable on the explore page. What does that mean for you? The opportunity for you to get in front of NEW people!

Instagram LIVE

Live video is an awesome feature!  Audiences LOVE it because they can interact real-time with their favorite accounts.  Again, it is another way for you to connect with your audience and deliver highly valuable content.

Live videos last for 24 hours unless you save them to your Stories Highlights.


The Instagram post feed has evolved into a micro-blog.  Instead of sending people to a traditional blog for deeper content, it is now done right in the feed.  This gives content creators an opportunity to deliver high value content while keeping their audience engaged.  Micro-blogs can be up to 2,200 characters in length – just enough to deliver what your audience is looking for!

Final Thoughts

Instagram is not a post and ghost platform.  It is no longer enough to just post a picture for the day and then navigate away.  Instead, you need to have a plan, show up with content that matters, put work into it, and use all of the features available to you.  Take a hard look at your content and identify where the gaps are based on the 5 things I mentioned in the post.

Do you have questions about where and how you can improve your Instagram efforts?  Schedule an audit with me by clicking HERE.

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