5 Surprising Ways You Can Repurpose Your Content

Creating content for social media and your business, AND having enough of it can be a real challenge. But, it doesn’t have to be. Believe it or not, YOU have more content than you are aware of. In this post, I am going share with you 5 surprising ways you can repurpose your content so that you get the most out of your efforts!


But first, a few tips…

Prep Work:

One of the best ways to get ahead of your content is by planning ahead. Here’s how I tackle my content creation process:

  • Decide on my theme for each month of the year
  • Come up with my major focus for each month
  • Build in products and promotions that go along with them for each month
  • Break down content ideas week-by-week each month

Work Ahead:

One of the best ways to stay consistent when it comes to social media is to work ahead. Many of the social platforms have a native scheduler that allows you to schedule posts ahead of time. For those that don’t (think Instagram and Pinterest) you can use scheduling tools like Hootsuite, Later, Tailwind, and Buffer.

Now For The 5 Surprising Ways You Can Repurpose Your Content

  1. Create a checklist out of a post
  2. Breakdown your blog into social media posts
  3. Look for “quotables” from you within existing posts/blogs and use them as Tweets
  4. Going live on Facebook? Transcribe your video into a blog post
  5. Podcasting? Turn your podcast into:
    • Blog
    • Social Media Posts
    • Tweets
    • Facebook or Instagram Lives

Looking for even MORE ways to stretch your content? Download 10 more ways to repurpose your content HERE.

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