5 Social Media components You Can Template

Creating social media content can be a HUGE job that can be completely overwhelming. In order to survive and keep your sanity, it helps to use templates whenever possible. Templates save time and make the production process of social media a lot quicker. In this post, I will share with you 5 social media components you can template to make your life easier!

Are you ready to ease the burden of social media a little? Let’s dive in!

Graphic Layout & Filters

If there is one place I would start when it comes templating your social media efforts, it is the graphic layout. Using a design program like Canva, pick 5-7 layouts that you like. Format them to match your brand colors and fonts. If you use filters on your images, consider building them into templates. Once you have the 5-7 templates setup, create a rotation plan for your graphics.

Closing Line

Whenever I create a post, I tend to include contact information in the last couple of lines that include things like my:

  • Website
  • Phone Number
  • Email

So that I am not constantly rewriting the same lines over and over, I created a social media post template in a Google doc that includes my closing line information.

Branded Hashtags

Whenever I post on social media, specifically Instagram, I make sure I use the maximum amount of hashtags allowed which is 30. Of the 30 hashtags allowed, I include several hashtags that are branded to my business. Since I use them each time I post, I set up a text template that has the hashtags already included so that I am not rewriting or pasting them in each time I create a post.


Each quarter we should be taking the time to do a quick audit of our social media footprint to see if we are hitting the goals we set for each social platform we are active on. To template this and to maintain an at-a-glance record over time, it is best to create a spreadsheet highlighting the metrics you find important to your business. Some common measurements people track are:

  • Audience Growth
  • Post Engagement
  • Click throughs to website/landing pages
  • Reach

Content Calendar

Content calendars are essential to the success of a social media campaign. Knowing what you are going to post when and insuring the content aligns with your brand and messaging position is crucial. Without having that in place, you will be throwing stuff again a social media wall, hoping it will stick. Your social media plan and content calendar should be taken just as seriously as your business plan. In fact, it should be included in your overall marketing plan.

Final Thoughts:

Look for areas in your social media process that you tend to repeat on a regular basis and brainstorm ways you can template those processes to that the tasks become more automated.

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