4 Things To Monitor When You Hire A Social Media Manager

You did it!  You finally hired someone to handle your social media footprint.  Now that the pressure is off and you let out a huge sigh of relief, the work starts.  Wait…what did I just say? Yep! I said work! Even though you have someone in place, you just can’t look the other way.  In today’s blog post, I am going to share with you 4 things to monitor when you hire a social media manager so that your digital brand stays on point!


Let’s Dive In!

Now that you have on-boarded your social media manager, you have a plan in place and a strategy to follow, you are going to need to “check in” every so often to ensure things are going as expected. The 4 things you will use to monitor the success of your account are designed to provide you with insight into the trend your accounts are taking.  If you don’t like the direction of the trend, you can easily tweak your efforts before it’s too late.

#1 Consistency

In order for an account to be successful on social media, it has to be consistent with the amount of content the account is posting and how frequently.  As a general rule of thumb, accounts should be posting a minimum of three times per week. Any less than three times a week and it truly isn’t worth the effort.  


Check in on your accounts to make sure the agreed upon frequency of posts is being met.  All posts are time stamped regardless of the social media platform being used.

#2 Response & Response Time

If there is one thing that truly drives social media, it is engagement.  Check on your posts and your account’s direct messages to see if there is engagement activity, specifically comments.  If there are comments on the posts, is your social media manager responding to them and how long is it taking them to respond?  What you don’t want to see is your social media manager “posting and ghosting.” Posting and ghosting refers to someone posting content but never returning to check in on the audience to see if they have questions or comments.  


As stated earlier, conversations taking place under the posts and through direct messages are extremely valuable because they:

  • Start relationships with your audience
  • Build trust – especially when your page makes an effort to respond to comments, questions, and direct messages
  • Also, act as a level of customer service.  Many times your audience members will message your page to get their questions answered before they even think to pick the phone and call.  If no one is nurturing this part of your online presence, it could be sending a very negative message to your audience

#3 Analytics

You always have access to your analytics.  If you don’t have time to really dive in and get familiar with your analytics try the following:

  • Ask your social media manager for a monthly report that summarizes
  • Take the time to look at your analytics overview – this will give you a quick snapshot of the overall performance of your account


#4 Ad-Spend and Results

Have you decided to invest in social media ads?  Here are some things you should measure if you are paying for ads:

  • Amount spent
  • Cost per click
  • Impressions
  • Reach
  • Traffic to website
  • Conversions (either sales, opt-ins, etc.)

It’s a good idea to sit down with your social media manager to set up goals for the ad campaigns you participate in.  Decide together which items are most important to your business goals and social media goals. Each month, ask your social media manager to put together a monthly ad spend report that summarizes the key results you are interested in monitoring.


Final Thoughts

Social media managers are amazing resources.  They are both creative and analytical. They can provide great insight into how your brand is performing online and how you can improve.  But, they are only as good as the vision you provide. To expect a social media manager to work miracles with no direction from you is unreasonable.  Instead, include them in your vision so that they can help you realize your goals.

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