4 Content Essentials You Need to be a Social Media Rockstar

Content.  It’s the necessary evil of social media.  In order to make an impact in the social media space, you need to fill up the social media tank with content.  And, it can’t be just any ole thing you decide to post either. It must be something that has been well thought out.  With all the rules, best practices and algorithms you have to deal with, well…it’s enough to make your head spin! If you’re not a natural at writing, graphics, or dreaming up anecdotal whimsy, social media can be a daunting and overwhelming task.  Lucky for you, you have access to me, your social media superhero! In this post, I am going to give you 4 content essentials you need to be a rockstar on social media.


Let’s do this!


Content Essential #1:  Value

This content essential tops my list!  You need to show up for your audience in a valuable way otherwise, you audience will bail on you, especially if all you are doing is selling to them constantly.  I don’t know about you, but my time is valuable, and there seems to be less and less of it. So, if I am going to spend my time on social media, I am going to spend my time with accounts that give me value.  These accounts are either going to teach me something, make me laugh, entertain me, inspire me, or be relatable to me in some way. One thing’s for sure, I am not going to spend time with an account that does nothing but sell the entire time.  Bottom line, I am going to follow accounts that provide something for me.


Content Essential #2:  Variety

Things can get kinda boring on social media if you see the same thing posted over and over again.  The accounts that I follow somehow always seem to surprise me or keep me guessing about what I am going to see next.  That’s what keeps me coming back and staying engaged with certain accounts.


Content Essential #3:  Personality, Connectivity & Response

I lumped these three things together because they all relate to the activity you expect to receive from social media.  Here’s how it all relates…


Every account I follow has some sort of distinct personality or vibe to it that I can relate to.  When I consume the content from these accounts, it feels like it was specifically written for me…the author seems to “get me.”  This tells me they have done their research and really understand who their target audience is – this is something everyone who is active on social media should do!


Then, there are those accounts that really make it worth your while to follow.  Not only are they delivering the content you crave, but, the account owner or curator is also really good about communicating and engaging with their audience which makes social media even more fun!  Imagine what your reaction would be when your favorite influencer, brand, or celebrity responds back to a question or comment you left on their post. It would be completely awesome #AmmiRite? The end result would be you converting into a raving fan, making you even that much more engaged with the account.  


Pro-Tip:  If you are on social media, take the time to respond to every single comment or question posted on your feed.  It makes a HUGE difference AND, this is the reason why your are on social media anyway…to connect with people.


Content Essential #4:  Video

It’s 2018 folks!  Everyone has a device in their pocket where they can watch video anytime they want and from anywhere they are.  In the social media world, this is where the rubber meets the road when it comes to content. Almost every social media platform is giving priority to video content.  One of the best things you can do for your business and your brand is to embrace video. When starting out with video, you may want to keep your videos short – make it easy for your audience to consume and to consume often.  Try video lengths of 3 – 7 minutes when first starting out. Curious about the type of information you should include in your videos? Utilize tried and true approaches. Below is a list of video content that tends to do well with social media audiences:

  • Tutorials or “How-to’s”
  • Product Unboxings
  • Demonstrations
  • Trainings


Final Thoughts…

When it comes to creating content for social media, keep in mind that you are creating it for your audience, not for the sake of being on social media.  If you are new to social media and you are just starting out, you may not have a big audience or an audience at all. Don’t fret. Instead, take the time to create content with your favorite customer in mind.  What would they like to see, appreciate and want to know from you? If you can create content with that person in mind, your audience will grow, connect, and interact with you. If you need help coming up with content ideas, download my 30 days of content cheat sheet here.

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