3 Tips to Help You Diversify Your Social Efforts Lora Shipman

3 Tips to Help You Diversify Your Social Efforts

Lora Shipman 3 Tips to Help You Diversify Your Social Media EffortsWe often take the path of least resistance – its human nature.  We can’t help but do it. It’s what our ancestors did in order to survive.  What usually happens when we do take the path of least resistance, we stumble across a little place we call “the comfort zone.”  The “comfort zone” can be a very dangerous place to hang out. Why? It feels safe. The comfort zone doesn’t challenge us, we know what to expect, there are no hassles there, and we know how to successfully solve any issues that may rear their heads in the comfort zone.  This happens a lot in social media which is why you need my 3 tips to help you diversify your social efforts.

Once you enter the comfort zone, and the longer you stay, the harder it becomes for you to branch out, learn, and try new things.  This happens a lot in the social media world! We tend to put all our social media marketing eggs in one “social” basket – the most comfortable social basked we can find.  That social basket can look like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, whatever makes you feel the most “comfortable” when it comes to social media marketing. Falling into the social media comfort zone can be incredibly dangerous to the growth and success of your business.

I get it, social media is a challenging place to hang out.  It’s always changing, what worked yesterday is guaranteed not to work tomorrow, and it can be very volatile.  If social media isn’t your passion or it is something that can be challenging for you to manage, it is very likely you will end up in the social media comfort zone.  

The social media comfort zone looks like this:  You find a social media platform that you understand, it makes sense to you, and you have a pretty good amount of success there but then, the social channel either changes or your success goes flat meaning, you are not reaching your target audience and getting the engagement as you once did.  Does this sound like what is happening to you in your social media efforts? If it does, you have hit the social media comfort zone.

To avoid being in the social media comfort zone and risking flat or no social successes, it is important for you to diversify your efforts – spread out your eggs among many different social baskets.  You can do this gradually over time and you can diversify within your favorite social channel. Below are some tips you can use to make sure you are diversifying your social media eggs:

Use All The Platform Features

Let’s say for example, your favorite social media channel is Facebook and you used to get a lot of engagement and results from Facebook but this year, your successes took a nosedive.  If that has happened to you, take a look at what parts of Facebook you aren’t using.  Start adding these unused features to your social media protocol to broaden your reach.  Add them one at a time making sure you understand how each benefit works before you move onto the next one.



It’s not going away and every social media platform now uses it and encourages users to add it to their social efforts.  Start with baby steps. Use video features like “disappearing stories” to get your feet wet and grow from there. The best thing about video is, most of the social channels tend to give video priority over any other type of social posts.  AND…the search engines love video too! It’s good for SEO (search engine optimization).


Encourage and Respond To Engagement

Social media marketing is all about being social – interacting with people who interact with your content. Create posts whose sole purpose is to encourage engagement.  Your posts should compel the consumer to react in some way whether it be a comment, a share or a “like.” Once someone responds to your content, no matter what type of response it is, take the time to respond back to those who take the time to interact with your posts.  That’s how relationships begin online.

To be successful in social media, it requires time, testing new things, and taking advantage of all the features available to you.  There is no silver bullet that will make your campaigns a success. Your social success will come from a combination of efforts, practices, and ideas.  The more social media evolves, the more your social media marketing campaigns must evolve as well.

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