3 Things You Can Do To Make It Through The Social Shift™

To say that social media has been volatile since the end of 2017 until the present is an understatement.  With algorithm changes, emphasis on social media influencers, storytelling/”stories,” and video, businesses have been going nuts trying to sort out their social strategy and get it to work for their business.  This volatility we are experiencing in social media is something I like to call “The Social Shift.”  Learn 3 Things You Can Do To Make It Through The Social Shift™

What is “The Social Shift™”

Just when marketers and businesses started to get the hang of social media, businesses started to fall into a social “comfort zone.” Then, social media did what it does best…it changed!  What was important late 2017 is not as important today. The social focus has shifted. While content still remains king, the type of content and how it is delivered is changing. This is The Social Shift.  My belief is, we will always be shifting on social because of technological advances, the invention of new smartphone apps, the fact that people are conducting more business on the go and through their smartphone, and the emergence of new social media platforms.

As we go through the social shift, I have noticed that the shift has left a wake of confusion in its path.  It has left businesses, small business owners, and entrepreneurs the inability to get the same reach and engagement they once had.  It has caused social media managers not to rest on their laurels but instead, it has challenged them to continually learn new strategies, techniques, and to stay ahead of the curve.

Watching what is going on in social media today has made me stop, sit back, and take stock of what is going on and sum up how we can survive The Social Shift.

Surviving The Social Shift

Based on what I have observed and learned over the past few months, these are the things I believe will keep your business in front of your audience’s eyes and top of mind.

  1. Building Community:

Now more than ever, it is important to build a community around your business and brand.  The Social Shift is forcing us to connect with our audiences instead of selling and advertising to them on a constant basis.  The Social Shift encourages us to build relationships, to network, to connect, to start a conversation, and to get to know people on a deeper level.  Never before have we had this type of access to our customers, or have our customers had access to us! The Social Shift is changing the landscape of how we do business and how we relate to our customers, audiences, fans, and tribe.  When you think about it, the social shift is doing us a favor. It is giving us the opportunity to intimately:

  • Connect with our audiences,
  • Understand their needs,
  • Know what their struggles are and how only we can offer a solution
  1. Short-form Video

Short-form video or disappearing content (think SnapChat, Instagram Stories, or Facebook Stories) is another way for us to connect with our customers and audiences on a deeper level.  It allows our audience to:

  • Take a look behind the curtain,
  • Get to know us on a different level
  • Trust us faster than any other method of communication other than a one-to-one meeting

The ability to connect with our audience on a deeper level like this speeds up the selling cycle.  When done correctly, with the intent to help and add value to your audience, trust is earned faster resulting in a shorter window to purchase.  

Short-form video or disappearing content also allows businesses to

  • Create a sense of urgency
  • Craft content into a snackable, easy-to-digest format
  • Appeal to an audience’s increasingly shortened attention span

Another major plus of short-form video is the likelihood that your audience will consume all of your content.  The fact that your short-form videos are snackable and easy to digest means that this type of content is highly desirable.  This is HUGE! The opportunity for you to provide value-rich engaging video about you, your brand, the products and services you provide should be a major part of your social media marketing plan and strategy.  Remember, a video is one of the fastest ways to gain someone’s trust outside of a one-to-one meeting.

  1. Storytelling

Everyone loves a good story!  Why? The way a story is told can keep an audience engaged, entertained, and stories make the storyteller more relatable, and memorable.  Stories are one of the easiest ways to teach someone something because stories link together ideas and concepts in an understandable way. The Social Shift is making it easier for us to tell stories to our audience through tools like video, audio (think podcast), and through a series of pictures (slideshows and carousel images).

The bottom line, social media is giving you the unique and unprecedented opportunity to connect with your audience on a global yet intimate way.  Never before have we had the opportunity to connect and engage with customers, audiences, and prospective customers as we can today.

Do you have questions about how to implement a program like the one I outlined above?  Send me an email with the subject line “The Social Shift” to LoraShipman@me.com and let’s get the conversation started!

Stay social!

©April 29, 2018

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