3 Rules for Creating Ah-Mazing Social Media Content

Why do some social media posts perform better than others?  Sometimes it’s hard to tell, but, I have been studying social media for a loooonnng time and I have noticed that there are certain things about a post that will make it stand out from others. Below are my 3 rules for creating ah-mazing social media content.

RULE #1:  Perfectly Pleasing Pictures

For the most part, social media is a very visual venue.  Not only is social media visual, but there is a lot noise and congestion on the various social platforms.  This is why it is important to lead with high quality, visually appealing pictures, and imagery. The more eye-catching and interesting the image is, the more likely people are to pause and read your content.  

Use these tips when selecting images for your posts…

  • Make sure your pictures are crisp, clear, bright, and clean
  • Use filters to add interest
  • Add some text overlays to start the social conversation and to generate interest
  • Include an overlay of your logo (if your post goes viral, you will want people to know where it came from!)

RULE #2:  Compelling Copy

Now that you have stopped the social media scroll with incredible pictures, it’s time to captivate your audience with compelling copy.  

Great copy will:

  • Encourage engagement
  • Prompt click-throughs to a link
  • Convince the reader to become a fan and to be a part of your tribe

Make sure your copy is:

  • Well organized
  • Relevant
  • Concise

Copy that is all over the place, with no clear direction and copy that seems to ramble will result in readers scrolling past to the next post and categorizing your account as unimportant.  Poorly crafted content will ultimately result in loss of fans and followers.

RULE #3:  Call To Action

Always include a call to action (CTA) each time you post on social media, directing your audience to connect, engage, download, or visit your website.  Once you have your audience’s attention, it is important to keep them engaged and to continue building your relationship.

Now that you have 3 rules to follow, apply them to every post you write going forward, monitor your progress, and tweak when necessary.

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