25 Content Ideas You Can Use For Your Next Social Media Post

How many times have you sat and stared at the cursor on your screen blinking…hoping that an idea or words would just flow for your next social media post.  I’ve been there…too many times than I would like to admit. Being stuck, looking for content isn’t fun at all. This week, I am sharing with you 25 content ideas you can use for your next social media post.


Let’s dive in!


  1. Go for the holidays!  Get your Google on and search for national holiday lists, wacky holidays, or fun holidays.  You will be amazed at all the different holidays people celebrate. Use some of these holidays for fun-filled posts on your social feed.  Don’t go overboard. Think about how you can sprinkle these holidays throughout the month. Consider using 1 or 2 fun holidays per month.


  1.  Repurpose.  Your blog is social media gold!  Go into the archives and use snippets and pieces of information from old blog posts.


  1. How To Posts.  These types of posts are wildly popular!  People are always looking to learn how to do something.  Is there a trick, hack, or best practice you can teach someone?  Share your knowledge and skill on social media.


  1. Curated Content.  Instead of trying to recreate the wheel, share content from others in your industry who have already written a killer post about a topic that would interest your audience.  When using curated content, make sure that you give credit and link back to the original creator.


  1. Video.  Use snippets of company video you have on hand to engage your audience and drive them to a blog post, website, or landing page to learn more.


  1. Highlight Your Customers.  Take time to share testimonials from your customers.  This is a great way to share the experience you and your company deliver.


  1. Got a tip?  Share it with your audience!  Simple, easy to implement tips are super-popular on social media and if the tip is good enough, it can even go viral.


  1. Contests are a great way to get your audience excited, engaged, and involved!  Keep the rules simple, fun, and avoid being spammy (i.e. tag 16 friends who need to see this post).


  1. Events.  Be a shutterbug at events and take lots of pictures!  Event pictures authentically show your company’s culture, allowing your audience to get to know you even better.


  1.  Employee Spotlight.  Got employees? Feature them in posts!  Highlight an employee each month, sharing what they do and fun anecdotal information.  This is a great way for your audience to connect with your company.


  1. FAQ.  Every company has them.  Use social media to answer them!

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  1. FREE.  Everyone loves free resources.  Share free resources your company provides.


  1. Podcast Episodes.  Does your company have a podcast or has someone in your business been on a podcast episode recently?  Share that with your audience. Podcasts are great ways to position your company as a thought leader and an expert in your industry. (Tune into my podcast by clicking HERE)


  1. Job Openings.  Your social media accounts are part of your overall network.  Use them as a networking tool and let people know when you have job openings in your company.


  1. Going Live?  Do you or someone in your business have plans on going live?  Don’t keep it a secret! Use social media to get the message out!


  1.  Got New Hires?  Make an announcement out of it!  Introduce new staff to your audience through a social media post.


  1. Events.  Let the world know about upcoming events you have scheduled and extend the invitation to your audience to attend if appropriate.


  1. Got a Newsletter With LOTS of Value?  Let your audience know about it! Promote newsletter sign-ups and get your audience on board!


  1.  Keep ‘em Guessing!  People LOVE games. Try taking an extreme close-up on an everyday random object and see if they can guess what the object is.  Reveal the answer in a future “stories” episode to get them watching your stories.


  1.  Speaking of Stories…Don’t forget to post short videos in the story section of your social media app (Facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat).  Short anecdotal content will do the trick!

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  1. Share Some Inspiration!  Sprinkle in motivational and inspirational quotes throughout your posting schedule.  Audiences love to be inspired!


  1.  Milestones.  Share when your business reaches major milestones like anniversaries, follower goals, awards, recognition, etc.


  1. Product Reviews.  This is HUGE! People want to know all about a product or service before they purchase it. Let them see it in action.  Using VIDEO, review a product pointing out features and benefits. Don’t forget to save the video and use it in a future blog post.
  2. Be a Historian!  Audiences LOVE seeing the growth or transformation of a person or a business.  Before and afters or a timeline of how a business changes is intriguing.  Share it with your audience.


  1. Transformation Posts.  Who doesn’t love a good transformation story?  Use your social platform to highlight how someone’s life has changed as a result of using your product or service.


WOW!  There’s at least a month’s worth of posts for you to start creating and designing.  If you use any of my ideas, tag me on Instagram @Lora_Shipman or Facebook @LoraShipmanOfficial.  I would love to see how your post perform!!!

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