22 Tools I Couldn’t Live Without As A Social Media Manager

The requests for this blog have been pouring in!  Sooooo…I am finally doing it! People often ask me how I make social media look so effortless.  The secret, it’s all in the tools and tech I use! In this post, I am going to pull back the curtain and share the 22 tools I couldn’t live without as a social media manager.  Before we start, in the spirit of full disclosure, I just want you to know, there are some items on this list that may award me a small commission.


Let’s get started!!!




The best for me to organize this blog post was to categorize each “ride-or-die” item so that it would be easiest for you to target the items that you are looking for, for your business.  



MacBook Pro

Confession…I used to be a PC girl. But, one year for Christmas my husband gave me a desktop Mac.  I call it the Big Mac. It took some time for me to get used to the Mac way, but once I did, I never looked back.  For anyone who is a content creator, works with lots of graphics, and who generally likes to make things look slick, the Mac and all its proprietary software is the way to go!  When my business became more mobile, I transitioned from the “Big Mac” and moved into the MacBook Pro.  It was one of the best moves I have ever made!  Get it HERE


Reasons why I love it:  

  • It’s easy to make slick graphics, presentations, and eBooks!
  • It’s lightweight
  • Overall all it’s very intuitive and easy to navigate with its drag and drop functions


iPhone XS Max

Many moons ago, I was a droid user but wanted to streamline all of my technology.  Since I was Mac-based, I elected to transition into an iPhone. I recently purchased the iPhone XS Max.  Learn more HERE


Reasons why I love it:

  • The large screen!  As a social media manager, I am always on my phone, checking on accounts, replying to DMs, creating graphics on the go, and the list goes on.  Since I spend so much time on my phone, I really appreciate the large screen the XS Max provides.
  • Facial recognition…not only is is cool, but, the unlock feature is super fast!  It recognizes your face in a nanosecond making it easy to get right to work
  • Memojis!  They’re just plain FUN!



I love my iPad for client meetings, an extra screen, or when I need a larger screen to get things done.  Explore iPad HERE


Bluehost is an extremely affordable option for hosting your website or landing pages. Here are some reasons why you may want to consider Bluehost for your hosting needs:

  • Bluehost is one of the largest and
    most respected web hosting providers in the world.
  • Bluehost supports more than 2 million websites
  • Bluehost has been one of WordPress’ top recommended
    hosts since 2005.
  • Bluehost offers an anytime money-back guarantee.
  • Customers can cancel at any time without penalty to
    receive a prorated refund. Full refunds are available
    in the first 30 days (minus the cost of domains if
    canceled after three days).

Learn about Bluehost HERE

Passport for Mac

Ahhh!  This has been a lifesaver for me!  Having backup is extremely important.  You never know when you might experience a technical glitch.  It doesn’t have to be a catastrophe when it does happen. If you have a good backup system like Passport for Mac, you will be back up and running in no time!  Get it HERE


Audio Visual

Neewer Ring Light Kit

This was my very first investment for lighting.  I love it and use it on the daily! It comes with a remote which makes it great for selfies and headshots and the tripod allows for varying heights.  When you are just starting out and can’t afford a photographer/photoshoot, this is an ideal solution! Check it out HERE.


Neewer Desktop Stand

I needed a solution for good lighting when using Facebook live – something that could sit on my desk, behind my laptop.  Instead of buying an additional light kit, I found a desktop stand that fits my Neewer Ring Light Kit.  Can you say affordable lifesaver?!? Get it HERE


Blue Yeti Mic

Before I started my podcast, I listened to a lot of podcasts and audios.  I made note of which audio recordings sounded the best to me and 9 out of 10 times, when I reached out to the content creator, they told me they were using the Blue Yeti Mic.  When it came time to get my own mic, that’s exactly what I went for and never looked back.  Get it HERE 


Pop Filter

Pop filters are a necessity when recording audio.  The goal is to minimize the “pop” of certain letters like “p” and “b”.  Grab it HERE.



When deciding where to host my podcast, I looked for something that was both easy to navigate and affordable since I was new to the whole podcasting game.  Libsyn is incredible. They made it so easy for me to link my podcast up to iTunes, Stitcher, and Spotify. The analytics are great too, plus, their knowledge base and video tutorials are extremely helpful!  Visit Libsyn HERE


MPOW Headphones

Sound canceling headphones are great when you work on the go or if you just want privacy when listening to or watching something like a podcast, Netflix, or Youtube.  These headphones are the best value for the price.  I love how comfortable they are and how long they keep their charge!  They have various colors – I got them in pink! See them HERE.


Pocket Projector

If you do a lot of presentations, you are going to want to check this pocket projector out.  It is super small and lightweight making it incredibly easy to travel with and a breeze to set up.  This particular projector is best for smaller rooms rather than large ballrooms. Not only can you project from your laptop but you can also connect it to your iPhone and iPad – note that you will need special adapters to connect to Apple products.  Learn more HERE.


Tabletop Tripod

If you elect to get a pocket projector like the one mentioned above, you will need to get a tabletop tripod to mount it to.  I like this one because you can position it just right for any angle needed.  Get it HERE


Blackweb Portable Charger

Staying connected and having enough power to get the job done is essential for the social media manager on the go!  This portable battery has saved my tushy numerous times.  It has an outlet for both a mobile phone and a tablet.  You’re welcome! 😉  Get it HERE


Mini Ring Light

One of my clients is a restaurant which has amazing ambiance.  But, “ambiance” also translates to dark – a nightmare for anyone trying to post Instagram worthy images – #AmIRight?  This little gem discretely brightens up any dark corner you may be in, allowing you to get that brightly lit close up you desire.  Grab it HERE.


Life Saving Affordable Phone Cords

Let’s be real, phone cords wear out quickly.  I can’t tell you how many I have gone through – it’s been a small fortune’s worth for sure.  Until…I came across this four-pack. Thank me later, but pick it up now by clicking HERE.




My go-to social media graphics tool.  There are so many reasons why I love Canva!

  • It’s easy to use
  • There are SO many free image to choose from and if you purchase images, they are only $1!
  • Layouts – LOTS of done for you, professional layouts
  • Brand Kits – this is an awesome feature with the paid version of Canva!  The program saves all of your brand colors and fonts so that you don’t have to select them each time you want to create a graphic

Visit Canva by clicking HERE


This is my go-to app for scheduling Twitter and LinkedIn posts.  It is also good for Facebook and Instagram, but, I find the algorithm works more in your favor when you use Facebook’s native scheduler and post in real time on Instagram. Try the FREE version HERE.



This software makes your Pinterest efforts a breeze (no pun intended).  Some of the major benefits you will appreciate with Tailwind are:

  • Time-saving strategies like: bulk image uploads, drag and drop calendaring, and multi-board pinning
  • Maximized reach
  • Rich analytics

Visit Tailwind HERE


I have been a PayPal use for YEARS!  It has been a reliable way for me to get paid and it keeps both myself and my clients organized and on track when it comes to tracking paid visitors.  PLUS it is extremely safe to use!



WordPress is my go-to website builder because of its ease of use.  Many times I will hire a web designer to build a website for me in WordPress.  Once the bones of the website are built and the plugins are installed, it is easy for me to maintain from there.  In the future, if I need major work done on the site, I can easily hire someone to do the more technical aspects of the site.  Explore WordPress HERE.




Not only are these fun but they are highly functional.  Since I have small hands, my phone can be difficult to hold onto.  Popsockets make it easy to grip the phone making it less likely that you will drop it when taking pictures, texting, etc.  Find Popsockets HERE


Do you have questions about any of the items listed above?  Ask them in the comment section, I am happy to help! Or, if you love a tool I didn’t mention, let me know about it!

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