20 Social Media Strategies to use in 2020

Happy New Year!  This time of year is my favorite!  It allows us to start the year with a fresh, clean slate, new initiatives and new strategies to help us make our goals a reality.  In this week’s blog post, I share with you 20 social media strategies to use in 2020 to help you hit your digital marketing goals. 


Let’s Dive In!


Below is a summary of 20 social media strategies you can use in 2020 to crush your goals.  Read on to get the details.

  1. Build a community of loyal followers
  2. Lead with value
  3. Create high-value lead magnets
  4. Build an email list
  5. Go local before global
  6. Video
  7. Be active where your target market is
  8. Consider contests
  9. Get active on LinkedIn
  10. Be authentic – less filters, staged backgrounds, more reality
  11. Get active in the DMs – networking
  12. Embrace IGTV – it’s becoming more important
  13. Collab
  14. Become THE go-to expert in your field or niche
  15. Engagement plan
  16. Live content is predicted to dominate
  17. Short, to the point, high-value content (think 60 second TikTok)
  18. Listen to your analytics
  19. Podcasting
  20. Consider adding TikTok to your digital marketing plan

Here’s why they are strategies that work and why they are worth your effort!


Build a community of loyal followers

An algorithm is the fuel that runs any social media platform.  Since algorithms are never static and they tend to change frequently – without notice, you can never be assured of how many people will actually find your content.  But, if you have a community of loyal followers, they will do whatever it takes to find you and your content including turning on features like post notifications, see these posts first, join a private/exclusive group, joining your email list, and purchasing value-rich materials from you.  Due to the actions they will take to stay connected, building a loyal community is far more valuable than vanity metrics (number of likes, follows, friends, etc.).

Lead with value

Providing value with every post is critical.  When you provide value on a consistent basis you are:

  • Positioning yourself as the go-to leader and expert in your niche
  • Building trust with your audience and those who find your content – those who trust you and your content are more likely to purchase from you
  • Showcasing that you are a thought leader in your field

Create high-value lead magnets

Build trust with new people you meet online!  Give potential audience members and customers a taste of what it’s like to work with you or use some of the amazing products and services you provide through a high-value, high-quality lead magnet.  Lead magnets are generally free, downloadable pieces of content (eBook, checklist, template, guide, worksheets, etc.) that solve an immediate problem in exchange for their email address.  

Build an email list

Adding this strategy to your overall digital marketing plan is extremely important as it allows you to control the content your audience sees, how often they see it, and when.  When you depend solely on social media and their fickle algorithms, you risk losing important connection and communication with your tribe. Lead magnets are a great way to build email lists.  See the tip above for more info about lead magnets.


Go local before global

It can be very tempting to try and reach anyone and everyone around the globe and bypass your local community.  Invest in your local community. Join networking groups and events, make an impact in your local business community and become a local celebrity for your niche.  Once you have established your name, reputation, and personal brand locally, you will be amazed at how quickly it will spread.


Like it or not, video is here and it is here to stay!  It is the number one way people consume content on the internet.  This year, take the time to build in video creation into your overall digital marketing plan.  Video marketing can be as simple as showing up on stories, joining TikTok, going live, or starting a YouTube channel.  Select the video platform that makes you feel the most comfortable and that you will be the most consistent with. The cool thing about video today is that all really need for equipment is your phone and a tripod.


Be active where your target market is

It can be really confusing to try and figure out which social media platforms you should be active on.  Instead of trying to be omnipresent, concentrate on the social platforms your target market tends to flock to, then branch out from there over time.

Consider contests

A fun way to increase engagement, broaden your reach, and connect with you audience is to run contests.  There are so many interesting types of contests you can create for your audience. To get ideas, try Googling “best social media contests” and see what inspires you!


Get active on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has been ignored in the past but it is suddenly making a comeback and with good reason!  It’s still a great place to network and meet new people but add on top of the ability you have to build your authority in your niche through posts, articles, and participation in groups AND get engagement at the same time.  If you haven’t been active on LinkedIn in a while, give it a spin, do some poking around and discover the potential it has to make you and your business stand out. 

Be authentic – less filters, staged backgrounds, more reality

The perfectly curated feed is diminishing..quickly.  Posts that have no filters and those that tend to be more “real” is where the action is.  Audiences want the human side of content creators. When audiences can find things to relate too, engagement and overall brand trust increases.


Get active in the DMs – networking

Networking is the name of the game.  Instead of aiming for increased likes, shoot for conversations in the direct message section of the social networking apps you are using.  Conversations in the DMs should be authentic and non-salesy.

Embrace IGTV – it’s becoming more important

During 2020, it is expected that Instagram will put more importance on IGTV.  Before this shift happens, become an early adopter of the feature to help you and your brand stand out.



This is one of the fastest ways for you to grow your brand and expand your reach and many people are catching on to the idea!  To create a successful “collab,” reach out to someone in a similar niche and brainstorm ways you can work together through a webinar, a combined product or service, a consulting program, a live broadcast, a podcast episode, etc.

Become THE go-to expert in your field or niche

Positioning you and your brand as the go-to resource is critical to your success.  Do this by always providing the best, high-value content, highlighting emerging trends and strategies, broadcasting industry news, etc.


Engagement plan

It’s great to have a content plan that outlines when, what, and where you will post but it’s just as important to have an engagement plan.  In 2020, engagement is going to be what most social media platforms focus on. It’s already been important on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube, but as social media algorithms look for more social interactions to take place, engagement is going to become increasingly more important.

Live content is predicted to dominate

Make room for it in your plan.  Live video is a great way to build trust and for your audience to really get to know you and the personality of your brand.


Short, to the point, high-value content (think 60 second TikTok)

In today’s world we don’t have a lot of time and attention spans keep getting shorter and shorter.  When creating content for social media keep these ingredients in mind for a winning post:

  • High value content that either educates, entertains, inspires, motivates or rewards an audience
  • Short, concise content
  • Content that is easy to consume is key

Listen to your analytics

Tune into your analytics regularly.  They will reveal what your audience responds to most and they type of content you should be creating more of.



The podcast industry is expected to grow even more in 2020 than it did in 2019.  While it may not be feasible for everyone to host their own podcast, it is realistic for you to be a guest on someone else’s.  Curious how to make that happen for yourself? Listen to an episode I did about on this exact topic by clicking HERE.

Consider adding TikTok to your digital marketing plan

Sounds crazy doesn’t it?  But, it is the fastest growing social media network out there AND it’s not just for kids, dance routines, and lip syncing.  There’s more to it than that. Many businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals are on TikTok dropping 60-second value bombs to audiences.  Even better, their content is going viral, giving them a further reach than they can expect on Facebook and Instagram. PLUS…you can link your Instagram and YouTube channels to the TikTok app.  Seriously, check it out.


Final Thoughts:

I’m curious to know how many of these strategies/tactics you are going to try in 2020.  Let me know in the comments!

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