13 Ways You Can Measure ROI On Social Media

Are your social media efforts working for you?  Are you getting the ROI (return on investment) for the hours you put into writing and designing posts, engaging with people etc.?  How would you know? There are LOTS of things you can measure when posting on social media to determine if your efforts are paying off. This week’s blog post is all about 13 ways you can measure ROI on social media.


Below is my list of 13 things that I think are worthwhile measuring and paying attention to when posting on social media.  Your business and the social media goals you have set will determine which of the following are the most important for you to monitor and measure.  



     This is probably the first thing people look at and monitor when they post something.  The first question most ask is “How many likes did I get?” This measurement tells us a lot.  It sends a signal to us about the content we are putting out there. The more likes we get, the more we feel that our content is doing what it needs to do in order to get the attention of our audience.  In the Facebook world, we can also measure the weight of our “likes.” Meaning, our audience has options for how they react to our posts. They can give it a heart, a laughing emoji, an angry face, or a sad face.  The more reaction we get from our posts outside of the standard “thumbs up” tells us how important our content is to our audience.



     When someone takes the time to actually put a meaningful comment on our posts, (more than just a smiling emoji) we know we have broken through to our audience.  A comment is the engagement “holy grail” in a social media manager’s world. The more genuine comments we receive on a post, the more we get to learn about our audience.  We learn what content they crave and we can do a better job of serving them.



     Shares are even MORE exciting than comments.  A share means we hit the content jackpot! When someone shares a piece of content you created, it means it’s SO valuable that they want to make sure their friends, family, and others don’t miss out on what you posts.  A share can happen in different ways. It can be a click of a button to share out on their newsfeed, the post can be sent in a DM (direct message), it can be re-posted to other social platforms, and depending on which network you are sharing content on, it can be embedded in an email, website or blog.  The possibilities are endless when a post has “viral” tendencies.


  1. Account Follows:

     Monitoring how many people are following your account is another great indicator of just how important your content is to your target audience.  The more your audience grows, the more it tells you that your account is offering great value.


  1. Account Unfollows:

    When you lose account followers, this can also send a message.  There are many reasons why people unfollow accounts. Some common reasons why people unfollow are:

  • Posting too much
  • Posting too little
  • Inconsistent posting
  • “Spammy” behavior
  • Content that is consistently selling


  1. Reach:

     This often refers to the number of unique accounts/people who have seen your posts.  The more new eyeballs on your content the better!


  1. Impressions:

     The total number of times your post has been seen.  Again – more of this is a good thing!



     How many people saw/watched your video.  Pretty self-explanatory. The more views you get, the more your message is being seen/heard.


  1. Watch Time:

     This is a pretty important measurement in the video world.  The longer the watch time you have, the better your content is performing.  Meaning that, if you have viewers watching the content to the end, it means your message is important enough for people to be engaged.  Video platforms like YouTube take this measurement pretty seriously because it means you/your content is a big reason why viewers are staying on the platform and not bouncing off to another website or social platform.  What goes hand in hand with watch time is consecutive views. This is when viewers watch one video of yours but then stay on your account to continue watching other videos you have posted. Again, this is really important to the platform because you are keeping viewers on the platform


  1. Website/Landing Page Clicks:

    This measures to see how many people are taking action by visiting your website and/or landing page to further their connection/relationship with you.


  1. Profile Views:

     Another indicator of people wanting to get to know you more…make sure your bios and profiles are completely filled out.


  1. Phone Calls:

     Some social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are tracking how many times people tap on your phone number to call you directly.  How much business are you potentially missing if you don’t have a phone number listed on your bio or profile?


  1. Demographics:

     Most, if not all social media platforms will tell you the gender and age range of your audience.  Seeing this information will tell you who is picking up what you’re putting down. Knowing who is engaging with your account and content will help you craft your message so that it is appealing to the majority of your audience.


Final Thoughts.

My recommendation is for you to record your baseline results in each area as of today and measure how you are performing in each on a monthly basis.  To help you monitor and keep track, I have created a tracking sheet for you to download and use. Download it HERE.

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