13 Things You Need To Ask Before Hiring A Social Media Manager

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE a good list.  The list I am going to share with you today is a good one, especially if you are thinking about hiring someone to create and manage your social media presence.  Today, I am sharing with you the 13 Things You Need To Ask Before Hiring A Social Media Manager.  People assume that when you hire someone to take over your social media accounts that they will handle the account just as you would.  Ask your prospective employee, consultant, or social media manager these 13 things to find out if they are the perfect fit for you, your company, and your brand!

Let’s dive in!

1. Is social media management the candidate’s career, or is it their hobby?

I love this question!  This one question will reveal whether or not they will approach your social media with a business lens.  It’s one thing to be good at social media on a personal level.  It’s quite another when you need to apply business sense to images, captions, and comments!

2. What kind of time will they take, and how will they learn about your business?

Answers you want to be looking for are things like:

  • “I would love to be a part of your staff meetings”
  • “Research is my jam!”
  • “Can I have copies of all of your marketing materials so that I can get an idea of your messaging, voice, etc.?”

You get the idea.  You really want to see an eagerness to learn about your business, products, services, mission, and culture.

3. How will they measure success? Will it be through page likes, reach, engagement, etc.?

The answer to this question will give you an insight into their business sense and what they think is important.  Hint:  all the algorithms deem engagement at very important and will reward your account handsomely is you can generate lots of meaningful engagement.

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4. How much experience do they have in creating graphics and video?

A good social media manager will possess 3 qualities:

  • Excellent copyrighting skills
  • A propensity for analytics
  • Graphic design and video skills

Finding all three of these qualities can be difficult.  Pay attention to your candidate’s video and graphic skills.  You only have a couple of seconds to capture someone’s interest.  Make those seconds count.  Visuals are the first things people will experience when they visit your newsfeed.

5. What strategy will they use to create brand awareness for your business?

The answer to this question will give you an insight into how much they understand your business and what your target audience will respond to.

6. Which social media platforms do they recommend for your business and why?

This is another great question!  The answer to this question will reveal where their comfort zone is, if they understand your business, and they may suggest platforms you have never considered before.

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7. What type of reports & analytics will they provide?

Define your goals for your social media presence.  Then, make sure you get the reports that will illustrate how you are performing.  A monthly report of this type of information is more than reasonable.

8. Does the candidate create their own, original content? If not, where do they get their content from and are they licensed to use it?

This is SOOOOOOOOOO important!  You must protect your brand, your brand voice, and your mission.  Plagiarism is not cool.  In some cases, it is appropriate to share another person’s content but in most cases, you will want your own, unique voice.

9. Do they outsource any work? If so, to whom, and why?

Some social media managers and “agencies” will outsource their work to freelance sites under the guise of their “team.”  This may result in work that comes back with an ununified message, graphics of varying styles, etc.  When showcasing your brand on social media, you want to make sure you are providing a consistent, unified story.

10. Where do they get their images from? RED FLAG ALERT: If the response is Google Images, know the legal ramifications of this.

Copyright infringement laws are a real thing!  The outcome of someone not knowing that it is illegal to use someone else’s photography, artwork, etc. without their consent and permission can be very costly to you.

11. How many accounts do they manage & how large is their team?

In my opinion, a social media manager can typically handle 10 accounts at the most.  Any more than 10, they will need help.  If the social media manager you hire does have a team working with them, make sure to request that you have just one person from their team handle your account.  A request like this will ensure your brand remains consistent in messaging and style.

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12. Will they provide links to current accounts they manage?

It is important to see links to the accounts your prospective social media manager is handling.  Seeing the links to live accounts versus “samples” of their work will show you how responsive they are to comments, how quickly they respond, and overall experience of what the account looks like in real time.  This will give you a good idea of what you can expect for your business.

13. Who owns the accounts & content created for your social media campaign after you part ways?

So many times I have seen businesses make the mistake of putting all of their trust into their social media manager, including allowing them to set up accounts using their credentials.  When the social media manager leaves or separates, the account, the content and all of the progress leaves with them.  If there is one piece of advice I could give you, it would be to ALWAYS stay in control of your accounts.

Final Thoughts:

I’m sure this post gave you LOTS to think about.  If you have questions about how your account should be handled, I would LOVE to answer them for you!  Post your questions in the comment section provided.

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