12 Creative Ways To Use Instagram Carousel Posts

12 Creative Ways To Use Instagram Carousel PostsThere seems to be one little Instagram feature that doesn’t get a lot of attention and I feel like many people ignore it.  It’s the carousel post. I’ll admit it, I am one of the people who has ignored this feature. BUT, not anymore! This one Instagram feature is an engagement generator for sure and I am going to share with you my cheat sheet of 12 Creative Ways To Use Instagram Carousel Posts so that you can get maximum engagement.

Instagram is on fire these days and I am in TOTAL agreement.  I LOVE Instagram. It is one of, if not my favorite social media platform.  There are many reasons why I love Instagram. The main reason is that it seems that it is easy to find and engage with my target audience.  Recently though, I have heard many complain that they have not had the engagement or insta-love they once had. Part of the reason for this is many are not using “all the things” when it comes to Instagram.  To work with and win the Instagram algorithm, it is important to utilize all of the tools Instagram provides. One of the tools that get ignored a lot is Carousel Posts. Carousel Posts give you the opportunity to upload up to 10 pictures, videos, or a mixture of both.  This feature is AH-mazing! Why you ask? Because it gives you the opportunity to be creative in the way you communicate with your audience.


Not sure how this can happen?  My podcast explains it perfectly.  Listen to my podcast HERE.  And, don’t forget to download my 12 Creative Ways To Use Instagram Carousel Posts cheat sheet HERE.


What’s your creative way of using Instagram Carousel Posts?  Post them in the comment section! I would love to see your ideas!!

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