11 Social Media Secrets No One Wants To Share…Except ME!

11 Social Media Secrets No One Wants To Share...Except ME!

Do you follow the experts, follow their advice, and check all the boxes needed in hopes that your latest and greatest social media post and account with going viral?  Pssst! Those experts aren’t telling you everything. In fact, they are holding some info back but I am here to lift the curtain on what they aren’t sharing. In today’s post, I reveal 11 social media secrets no one wants to share…except ME!

SECRET # 1 – It Takes WORK

The experts, the Insta-famous, and the mega-influencers make it look so easy.  They collect followers with ease and can generate likes, comments, and engagement in the bat of an eye.  


Although they make it look easy there is a TON of work that goes on behind the scenes to get them to that status. Just take a look at your favorite content creator.  There has to be that one influencer, mentor, cyber-celebrity that you follow. If you were to model their behavior on social media, what would it look like? Chances are, they are probably investing in their social media presence with:

  • A constant stream of content which includes both regular feed posts, stories, pre-recorded video, and live broadcasts
  • An inside peek into their daily lives – let’s face it, by now you probably think you know them really well – you’re almost BFFs, right?
  • Well thought out social media posts and captions
  • Engaging and interactive content that compels you to want to click, vote, comment, share, like, and the list goes on
  • They seem to be EVERYWHERE online.  Simultaneously they are tweeting, posting on Facebook while their IG stories are trending about the new YouTube video that just launched, but don’t go too far, their latest podcast is about to drop and they just posted the most amazing article on LinkedIn all while doing a super cool Tik Toc while their DMs are on fire, blowing up their phones.  


That’s A LOT!  But, it’s the marketing channel they chose.  They have made a commitment to utilizing all the online marketing tools out there to reach their target audience.  

SECRET # 2 – Teams

Although it looks like influencers or those with large accounts are a one-man show, chances are they have a team to help them cover all their bases.  

Some team members may include:

  • Brand Manager
  • Content/Copywriter
  • Graphic Designer
  • Stock Photographer
  • Social Media Manager
  • Podcast Manager
  • Web Designer
  • Virtual Assistant

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SECRET # 3 – Be an Early Adopter

Adopting new social channels, features, and trends can make a big difference.  Many times social media channels will reward those accounts who fully embrace the latest feature available.  If the content creator uses the new feature on a consistent basis and to the fullest extent, the channel’s algorithm will make sure their content is seen.

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SECRET # 4 – Know Your Numbers!

Using, knowing, and understanding social media analytics are invaluable to you when you are growing your account.  When you can pinpoint the posts that drove the most engagement, likes, followers, etc. for your brand, you can make an educated decision to do more of that type of content, more often.


SECRET # 5 – Network

It’s not enough to post and go.  In fact, you need to hang out a while and show up often.  When you think about social media, think of it as a huge networking event where you have the opportunity to meet and start conversations with thousands…even millions of people!  Take advantage of this. Start conversations in the comment sections of posts and in the DMs (direct messages)! Do so genuinely, authentically, and without selling.  

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SECRET # 6 – Understanding That Sales Rarely Occur Because of a Post

Chances are, you will not get a sale because of something you posted on social media.  You will get a sale because of the relationships and trust you have built on social media.  It wasn’t until I fully understood this concept did I make a sale online. When I invested in the long game on social media and really worked at building relationships and meeting a network of people I could count on, I was able to make money.  


SECRET # 7 – Quality

Do your posts suck?  Seriously. Take a look at what you are putting out there and ask yourself if you are posting for the sake of posting or are you posting to make a difference in someone else’s life.  Put your posts through this checklist to help you get on the right track:

  • Clear, non-pixelated, well-lit photographs
  • Captions crafted to benefit your audience.  Are your captions and post content
    • Entertaining
    • Inspiring
    • Educational
    • Motivational
    • Rewarding – what’s in it for the reader?
  • Answer the question: “Why should your audience even care about what you are posting?”
  • Answer the question:  Who does your post serve?  You? Your Ego? Your Audience and Their Pain Point?

SECRET # 8 – Engage

Take the time to engage with your audience for at least 30 minutes per day, per platform.  My definition of engaging is genuine and authentic comments in someone else’s post. Not just a “like” and an emoji as a comment.


SECRET # 9 – Collab

As you are networking on social media, keep an eye out for those who you can collaborate with.  Collabs can be lots of things. Some examples are

  • Account takeovers
  • Joint video trainings
  • Special Facebook group guest interviews
  • Joint ventures
  • Podcast interview guests
  • Get creative what collab ideas can you come up with?

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SECRET # 10 – Diversify

It has always been my advice to start with a favorite social media channel, master it, and then branch out to a new one, rinse and repeat.  Trying to master several at once is a recipe for disaster. It’s overwhelming. But, when done systematically, it is doable.


SECRET # 11 – Huge Followings Are So 2017

In 2019, businesses, entrepreneurs, and brands are seeing more success with audiences that are laser targeted and highly engaged.  The more engaged the audience, the more success the business will appreciate. After all, the highly engaged audience is usually made up of your brand fans and ambassadors who usually cannot wait until you launch your next “thing.”


11 Social Media Secrets No One Wants To Share...Except ME! 1Final Thoughts

There Are No Overnight Successes.  Go back to my first secret. Seriously, take a look at your favorite online mentor.  Can you say you are putting in the same amount of effort? If not, readjust your plan, and then see secret #2.  Who can you put into place to help you realize your social media goals?


Got questions?  I’ve got answers.  Drop your questions in the comment space provided.


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