10 Things You Can Post to Share More About “YOU” on Your Social Media Accounts

If you are in business and use social media for business purposes, what I am about to share with you will sound crazy and counterintuitive, but hear me out…in the end, it will all make sense.

The Crazy and Counterintuitive Part…
To be successful on social media, you must make the commitment to share more about you, what interests you, your hobbies, etc. rather than your business. If you have been approaching social media from an all business perspective, you have been missing out on major connections resulting in leaving money on the table.

Sounds crazy right? Read on to discover why!

The Importance of Sharing the Personal Side of YOU on Social Media
So many times people forget that the objective of social media is to be social. That means you should be focused on making authentic, genuine connections with those who follow you through engagement.

Here’s how:
People will follow you on social media because of who you are, the things that you have in common with each other, and how you make your audience feel. Once you connect on this level, you begin to build a tribe. A tribe of people who love to not only see your content but engage with it. Once your tribe engages with your content and you engage back, you have hit the holy grail of social media success. Why? Because you have built a relationship with your audience. Continue showing up for your audience so that you encourage the relationship to grow. As the relationship grows so does your audience’s interest in you! This results in your audience wanting to learn more about you and they will do so by doing things like visiting your website, reading your blogs, following you on your other social media channels and purchasing from you.

In one way or another, we have heard this advice before but, no one really gives examples of what type of personal content to share. Sometimes we may even think our lives are not that exciting and no one would be interested. Below are 10 ideas you can use to can add the more personal side of you to your social media posts:

Try sharing…
1. Your story
2. Your journey
3. Something you’ve learned that can help others
4. Your hobbies
5. Behind the scenes – your process, your morning routine
6. Your family & pets
7. Your favorite things
8. A sneak peek into how you spend downtime
9. The book you’re currently reading
10. A favorite music playlist you’ve created

Which piece of “you” will you share today? Let me know in the comment section.

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