10 Things You Can Do To Make Your Next Live Broadcast More Effective

Video is becoming increasingly more important.  Social media algorithms love it, audiences love it, and it is one of the easiest, most efficient ways for people to consume your content.   So why aren’t you participating in it more? I’m sure there are lots of reasons (and excuses) for why you aren’t using video more. Everything from insecurities (trust me, I get it) to not knowing what you are doing.  To help you get over any video stumbling blocks you may have, I am going to share 10 things you can do to make your next live broadcast more effective. Plus, I will even include a printable checklist you can use to help you prepare for your next live broadcast whether it be on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or LinkedIn.


Let’s dive in!


Live Broadcast Tip:  Have A Post Broadcast Plan

Creating a broadcast plan will help take the stress out of going live.  Things you may want to include on your broadcast plan are:

  • Day and time you plan to go live
  • Show location
  • List of equipment needed (lighting, microphones, charging cords, tripods)
  • Topic and show outline
  • Pre-show marketing strategy
  • Determine what the goal of the broadcast should be
  • Call to action
  • List of links to include in the comment section of your broadcast

Live Broadcast Tip:  Consistent Schedule

Are you a dependable broadcaster?  If your audience knows that you will go live at the same day and time every week, you will begin to notice a growing live audience.  They will start to make the time to catch you live if they know when to expect you. Take the time to create a broadcasting schedule that fits with your routine.


Live Broadcast Tip:  Announce You Are Going Live

Let the world know you plan to go LIVE!  Use social media, stories, and email your subscriber list to let them know when you plan to go live.  You may want to post and communicate with your audience a couple of days before-hand with teasers of what they can expect from your broadcast.  Don’t give away everything – provide just enough to entice them to tune into your


Live Broadcast Tip:  Make Your Title Count

Looking to get a healthy quantity of broadcast viewers?  Use a compelling title. BUT…don’t use clickbait. Clickbait will hurt you, your reputation and your standing with the social media platform – in some cases, your account could be shut down for using clickbait.  Not sure what clickbait is? It’s the practice of using a juicy title that doesn’t related to the content covered just to get views.

Live Broadcast Tip:  Interact

When you go live, interact with your audience.  Greet people as they arrive, answer their question, encourage engagement.  This goes for your replay audience too! Say hello to them and thank them for joining you on the replay.  Let them know that you read all the comments and questions that take place during the replay. Encourage them to comment and ask questions so you can answer them.  Make a note or set a reminder for you to go back and check the video for any engagement you need to address. Make the broadcast interactive. Invite your viewers to use certain emojis to emphasize something you are talking about, ask them to comment and give feedback, etc.  Do whatever you can to make them feel they are a part of the broadcast.


Live Broadcast Tip:  Pay Attention To Video Length

It used to be that you were encouraged to stay on camera, broadcasting content anywhere from 30 minutes up to an hour to give the social platform a chance to get the word out about your broadcast.  Times have changed! Today, the best practice is not to dawdle but to get right to delivering the content, keeping your audience engaged and watching. Many platforms measure total watch time. The more audience members you have that watch your entire broadcast, the better your video performs in the algorithm.  Since this is the current trend, micro broadcasts of 7-10 minutes tend to perform better than those that are longer. But, each audience is as unique and the broadcaster and their content. Play around with your broadcast times to see which is the better option for you and your audience.


Live Broadcast Tip:  Create A Series

Keep ‘em coming back!   Episodic content can help you get the following you desire!  Content that is delivered over a series of episodes will keep your audience engaged and hungry for more.  Think about ways you can divide up a topic over several broadcasts. Let your audience know that in order to cover the topic, you will be creating 3 episodes (or however many episodes it will take to deliver the content). At the end of each episode, make sure you give a teaser about what is coming up next, the date, and the time the audience should tune in.

Live Broadcast Tip:  Speed Matters

When going live, make sure you have the BEST internet connection possible.  There is nothing more frustrating than watching a live broadcast that constantly freezes and times out.   It’s one of the fastest ways you will lose an audience.


Live Broadcast Tip:  Stop Selling – Start Helping

No one likes to be sold – EVER.  Stop trying to sell the latest widget in your product or service offering.  Instead, start offering value through your broadcasts. Come from a “helping” mindset.  One of the best ways to ensure your success on live broadcasts is to center your content around:

  • Education, tips, or training
  • Entertainment
  • Inspiration

When you do this, you will win every time.


Live Broadcast Tip:  Calls To Action

Make sure every broadcast includes a call to action.  What action should your audience take after the show? You can invite your audience to:

  • Download your latest free resource
  • Direct message you for more information
  • Call you to set up a discovery call
  • Comment something in the comment section


Final Thoughts

To really win at live broadcasts, you need to be prepared.  To help you prepare for your next live, I have created a checklist to help you deliver the best audience experience.  Download the checklist by clicking HERE.

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